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OhYass PREASE - Tacchon rabu harto Yassan

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professionals loans [ Monday  
07.24.2017 - 12:57am


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2 Drabbles~ [ Sunday  
10.16.2011 - 02:12am

Well, It's been a long time since I dropped by but I'd love to share two drabbles I wrote last week ^^

Title: Goodbye
Rating: G
Genre: Drama
Words: 199

( Blank )

Title: My Last Train
Rating: G
Genre: Drama
Words: 191

( Regret )

Stars (3/3) [ Thursday  
08.18.2011 - 12:00am

 title : Stars (3/3)
pairing : ohkura tadayoshi//yasuda shota
group : Kanjani8
rating : overall pg-13
word count : 1683 (total : 4433)
summary : After high school graduation, Tadayoshi decides to drive away until he ends up at an hotel, the "Stars" and it adjacent bar where he decides to stop.

once you’ll have a job here, you could become my flat mate )

1 | 2


[fic] Stars 2/3 [ Wednesday  
08.10.2011 - 10:58pm

title : Stars (2/3)
pairings : ohkura tadayoshi // yasuda shota; ex shibutani subaru // yasuda shota; probably more to come.
group : Kanjani8
rating : overall pg-13
word count : 1438
summary : After high school graduation, Tadayoshi decides to drive away until he ends up at an hotel, the "Stars" and it adjacent bar where he decides to stop.

( and he wondered if he should drive away or stay there )

chapters : 1

[fic] Stars [ Monday  
08.08.2011 - 12:02am

 title : Stars (1/3)
pairings : ohkura tadayoshi//yasuda shota (ohyass); ex shibutani subaru//yasuda shota (not in this chapter); probably more to come.
group : Kanjani8
rating : pg-13 (might go up, but don't expect porn)
warning : this chapter talks about suicide, it's absolutely not graphic, it's not one of the main characters, it's a few lines at the beginning, but i know that it is a subject that might be triggery to some people
word count : 1311
summary : After high school graduation, Tadayoshi decides to drive away until he ends up at an hotel, the "Stars" and it adjacent bar where he decides to stop.

( He drove the whole night )

[Ohkura/Yassan] Bedspacer [ Friday  
03.25.2011 - 04:11pm

Hi guys! I have disappeared for so long... so here's a fic. Enjoy! ^_^

Title: Bedspacer
Pairing: Tadayoshi Okura x Shota Yasuda (Ohyass)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Alternate Universe
Notes: Bed Spacing is a local term in my country wherein a person rents a bed in a private home.

( On nights you're on your own, on nights I am alone, whose bed do you sleep on? )

[fic] these old times [ Monday  
01.31.2011 - 09:35pm

 title : these old times
rating : G (vague mentions of kisses)
pairing : ohkura tadayoshi // yasuda shota
disclaimer : Kanjani8's members own themselves. This story is pure fiction
summary : Before going to sleep, an almost forty years old Shota thinks about the past and how he ended up with Tadayoshi. (Basically it is a retrospect on their relationship)
note : the italics in between brackets are the "present" in the story

( Us, like that, it was unpredictable )

[Ohkura/Yassan] Goodnight and Go [ Saturday  
01.22.2011 - 09:59pm

I bring a fic.

Title: Goodnight and Go
Pairing: Tadayoshi Ohkura x Shota Yasuda
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Inspired by Imogen Heap's song of the same title, and mildly by their January Potato Eito Anone interview. Enjoy!

( Why do you have to be so cute? It's impossible to ignore you. )


PLEASE JOIN ohyassumi. You know what this means.

A post of an Ohyass-deprived person [ Thursday  
01.20.2011 - 12:00pm

Hello Ohyasu lovers! This is Maki (nekoism). This is the new account which I will be more actively using from now on.

It has been quite some time since I last dropped by and I am saddened of the decreased activity (well, considering there aren't a lot of NEW fans around... or is there?) How are you guys? Do you still support them? Well, I STILL EARNESTLY do, which is why I flailed around when I read their Potato Jan 2011 Eito Anone crosstalk which features... YASU SITTING ON TACCHON'S LAP! HOW GREAT AND DOKIDOKI-INDUCING IS THAT? Though I have lay low on writing fics and being constantly abreast with Eito's activities, believe me, the "moe" feeling is still around everytime I see them. JOHNNY X TOPPO!

And such example of an Ohyass-deprived day is today. I searched Youtube for their fanvids and guess what? In Japan they are not known as Ohyasu, but as KURAYASU (倉安). Which gives you a hint on what keywords to type to search for resources! AND I TELL YOU THERE ARE CUTE JAPANESE FANVIDS scattered on Youtube! DOKIDOKI TENSION IS INSTANTLY HIGH! <3 With this said, I spent this entire morning fangirling over the fanvids I have seen!

Because this community is pretty much dead, I have been contemplating (FOR MONTHS) on opening a new community. Actually, I have reserved a username for this project yet I am still uncertain of my moderating capabilities because I am a busy lady IRL. So! Anyone who wants to initiate this community with me? We can talk it over on my YM: bluegreen0212. (Even my username is Ohyass appreciative!) I am highly hoping that the new community be opened on February.

Speaking of February, I know I have left my fic February (the sequel to "August") for so long, much to my readers' anxiety for its continuation. I will be back soon enough. JUST YOU WAIT FOR THE MONTH WITH THE SAME NAME AS THE FIC.

So that's it for my sudden outburst. Leave me a comment on this post and let's see who are the loyal Ohyass admirers, old and new, who are still around!
See you on "FEBRUARY". (double meanings intended!)
16 |OhYass!

[ Tuesday  
01.04.2011 - 01:17am

Title :  love is near
Pairing : johnny // toppo (8UPPERS universe)
Rating : PG-15 for aborted porn
Disclaimer : don't own
Summary : With Eito's arrival, everything changes, especially Johnny.
Notes : In the 3rd paragraph, I assumed that gay adoption was illegal in Japan, I may be wrong, I did a research which gave me all types of answers. This might not be accurate.

Eito brought them closer together )

A Softer World Remixes [ Wednesday  
12.01.2010 - 10:19pm

[ mood | calm ]

I hope you guys don't think i'm spamming this community or anything.

Inspired by this awesome pieces of arts, I decided to make remixes out of them, Ohyass-style.

Tests and TrialsCollapse )

I hope you guys like it!

2 |OhYass!

GIF: Random [ Wednesday  
11.17.2010 - 02:54pm

[ mood | hot ]

[1] Heavenly Psycho (PUZZLE Tour DVD)
[2 - 4] Shounen Club 06.12.2009
[5 - 7] Sukiyanen, Osaka (Countdown Live 2009-2010 in Kyocera Dome DVD)

Yappa, Sukiya!Collapse )

Brought to you by Flaily Ohkura:


2 |OhYass!

[Random] 8UPPERS: Hidden side of Johnny [ Thursday  
11.04.2010 - 10:41am


To quote from here,

"Explanations from the person himself! What kind of man is Johnny!?

....By the way, a hidden side of the character's creation is that he loves men, but I think that that side doesn't appear (lol)."

Who else had their Ohyass-biased heart went ba-bump over this?

Edit: Just found out that Johnny's gay for Jackie. Seriously not the reality i want. D:

here and here
4 |OhYass!

[Request] Johnny/Toppo fic [ Wednesday  
10.27.2010 - 02:32pm

[ mood | working ]


this community is still alive right? anyway, i don't know if this is allowed, but i'm craving for some ohyass 8UPPERS-verse fic, where Johnny thinks Toppo would be a perfect mother for Eito if they didn't return him to his bio-mum because Toppo can make baby clothes, has perfect height and is just generally cute. and we all know that Johnny loves babies.

this is embarassing, but i'm pretty desperate, so... can someone please make one? please?
god, i sound pathetic
thank you!

2 |OhYass!

Ohyass-inspired 10 Song Writing Meme [ Sunday  
10.24.2010 - 01:14pm

So, how's the ship? Has it sunk? Are there still Ohyass loyalists out there? *knock knock*
I'm still alive, and I am still on the ship. Here's a collection of drabbles I created for the 10 Song Writing Meme on Facebook. Enjoy, my fellow fans!

( Ten drabbles for your pleasure! )

Any new fans out there? Approach me; I don't bite. I need a fellow worshipper. <3
6 |OhYass!

Icons: 8UPPERS [ Saturday  
10.23.2010 - 11:28pm

[ mood | calm ]

[15 - 24] 8UPPERS Movie & Making (Ohyass)


Available at my journal
Hope you guys like it and thanks!

All the things he can't do (and the ones he can) (oneshot, Narushima/Sunamura) [ Wednesday  
09.29.2010 - 07:37pm
Title: All the things he can't do (and the ones he can)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Narushima/Sunamura (Ohkura's and Yassan's ROMES characters)
Words count: 1,878
Summary: How does it look like, when a human being is trying hard to be better than dog?
A/N: This was written in the latest JE MEME for Anon-san who wanted to get Narushima/Sunamura fic. Originally posted there.

(„Sunamura has never been an example of a candidate to win his own life.”)

[ Wednesday  
06.23.2010 - 10:20am

first entry to this comm :)
so here's three ohyass fics I've written so far

Title: In The Rain
Pairing: Ohyass friendship
Genre: fluff
Rating: G
Summary: Two boys met in the rain.  
Author's note: Ohyass is <3333333333. I love writing them. So yeah, hope you'll like it ^^.

<In the middle of a wide field, two boys stood facing each other, sharing an umbrella.>

Tittle: Promise
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Ohyass friendship
Rating: G
Summary: A sequel to In The Rain. The two boys meet again twenty years after the promise.

<Times like this, he thought, Yasu really reminded him of the boy he had met a long time ago.>

Title: As Comfortable As Rain On Sundays
Pairing: Ohyass
Genre: Fluff
Rating: G
Summary: It's raining and Okura's not back yet. Yasu is worried.
Author's note: The tittle is a line from One Republic's 'Won't Stop'. It's a really nice song and it sort of inspired this fic. Hope it's ok :).

<Where was Tacchon?>

saying i love you [ Monday  
06.14.2010 - 11:31pm


Title :  saying i love you (sequel to this)
Pairing : ohkura tadayoshi // yasuda shota
Rating : G
Disclaimer : don't own
Summary : Ohkura was someone with too many lovers who always went to Shota when it didn't work in the end. One day he decided to stop making Shota suffer, but in the meantime Shota put barrers around his heart.
Notes : this is a short sequel to this is the last time and it's a bit hard to understand without reading it. also, this is a fic I wrote 2 years ago, so the setting of the story is two years ago (which explains Yasu's blond hair)


There isn't any confession, never )

Rainbow Cafe (Part 8) [ Thursday  
06.10.2010 - 02:38am

Title: Rainbow Cafe
Author: [info]superhappynao
Pairing: Ohyass, hinted Ryouchi but... not exactly XD
Genre: AU, humour
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kanjani8 all work in a cafe called 'Rainbow Cafe' and none of them would ever dream of leaving. However, once things start getting difficult they all start to question whether the refuge that normally saves them from the outside world is really what it's all cracked out to be, especially Okura, who finds working with Yasu has become mysteriously difficult to do. There's coffee, there's comedy, there's confusion... and there's Uchi!
A/N: I'm very sorry for the quality, I haven't spent a lot of time on this >.<

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 (1), Chapter 3 (2)
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

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