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mental disease turned art.

A post of an Ohyass-deprived person

Hello Ohyasu lovers! This is Maki (nekoism). This is the new account which I will be more actively using from now on.

It has been quite some time since I last dropped by and I am saddened of the decreased activity (well, considering there aren't a lot of NEW fans around... or is there?) How are you guys? Do you still support them? Well, I STILL EARNESTLY do, which is why I flailed around when I read their Potato Jan 2011 Eito Anone crosstalk which features... YASU SITTING ON TACCHON'S LAP! HOW GREAT AND DOKIDOKI-INDUCING IS THAT? Though I have lay low on writing fics and being constantly abreast with Eito's activities, believe me, the "moe" feeling is still around everytime I see them. JOHNNY X TOPPO!

And such example of an Ohyass-deprived day is today. I searched Youtube for their fanvids and guess what? In Japan they are not known as Ohyasu, but as KURAYASU (倉安). Which gives you a hint on what keywords to type to search for resources! AND I TELL YOU THERE ARE CUTE JAPANESE FANVIDS scattered on Youtube! DOKIDOKI TENSION IS INSTANTLY HIGH! <3 With this said, I spent this entire morning fangirling over the fanvids I have seen!

Because this community is pretty much dead, I have been contemplating (FOR MONTHS) on opening a new community. Actually, I have reserved a username for this project yet I am still uncertain of my moderating capabilities because I am a busy lady IRL. So! Anyone who wants to initiate this community with me? We can talk it over on my YM: bluegreen0212. (Even my username is Ohyass appreciative!) I am highly hoping that the new community be opened on February.

Speaking of February, I know I have left my fic February (the sequel to "August") for so long, much to my readers' anxiety for its continuation. I will be back soon enough. JUST YOU WAIT FOR THE MONTH WITH THE SAME NAME AS THE FIC.

So that's it for my sudden outburst. Leave me a comment on this post and let's see who are the loyal Ohyass admirers, old and new, who are still around!
See you on "FEBRUARY". (double meanings intended!)
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