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because we know they have sex

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OhYass PREASE - Tacchon rabu harto Yassan
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Welcome to the first OhYass LJ community, dedicated to the pairing of Ohkura Tadayoshi and Yasuda Shota from Kanjani8 :D

Please read this before joining so we can all get along :3

o1. No flaming other members, kanjani8 or ohyass
02. Use LJ-cut if posting large photos (or large amounts of photos), or long fanfics
o3. Feel free to post anything OhYass-related here; mp3s, videos, wallpapers, fics, fanart, pics (ok, really, anything), but please try to keep it ohyass-related n_n

Lastly, here are two banners if you want to link us, so that other fangirls (or fanboys) can find us and join in the fun ^^

(made by osakaromanesque ^_^)

Affiliated with victory6 - a V6 community ^^

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